OWNER: Bob & Liz Gribbon


One need never leave their home to be become international in nature. Own a Morris and you meet people from around the world. This is one of the reasons I love Morris Minors and most of their owners. With so many clubs, rally’s or cruising the Internet, they are interesting people, and if you are lucky, you make friendships that last can lifetime.


Bob & Liz Gribbon are Floridians, and they own a 1959 Morris Traveller named Agatha.















from where Liz was living. In 1966 Bob, as a prank while on Spring Break, with 3 other friends, picked up a Morris Traveller and left it on the side walk in the center of town.


The year 2000 after joining, Bob found this beauty in a classified ad of Minor News the News letter of the North American Morris Minor Registry.


Bob went for an all British theme; with a bolt on upgrade from a late model MG Midget.  He transplanted a 1275 engine, transmission, rear end, and disc brakes into the car. He felt that if they had kept building them this would have been the next evolution.



Bob added his own important details like fat white wall tires and trafficators, a roof






























Sadly, she succumbed to her illness the first part of November 2008 and passed, but Bob fights on! In her memory I write this for my good friend Bob.


Randolph Williams








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The car was a love gift from Bob to his wife of over 30 years. This is not the car you would think the Chief of Police of Plantation Florida would own, but Liz always knew what she wanted. The first Morris she ever saw was in 1978; in Fort Lauderdale, a British Green Saloon. It was only a matter of time the fates would unite the two.

Bob happened to grow up in Bayside New York two hours

rack and extra wood panels to help compete with those big old American types.


Agatha was finished in 2006 in time for a local show, and she won best in class amongst many more valuable cars. There is no substitution for love!





The parade of victory!


Soon after this picture taken in 2006, both Bob and Liz were diagnosed with Cancer. The fight of their lives had begun. Agatha was a defining moment for both of them which brought her and Bob great joy.