The story was written sometime after the great collapse at the beginning of the exploration date and the writing laws which required everything to have an expiration date, a purpose and a value.  This coincides with the law that everything be written in script form so that higher concepts would not overtax the human brain.  If you couldn’t understand it, at least, you could visualize it.


This is the story of the last classic car.  A car that lasted 20 years after these laws because of the guile and tenacity of a teenage boy.


Bobby stared at the screen.   He knew any minute his instructor would post the assignments and he wanted to choose the best one.  The screen flashed.   His retina in sync with the scanning arrow, he went down the list quickly.  Classic car.  It was a hard choice.  There were so many  other interesting topics like property ownership; civil liberties; wealth.  The only way you could find out about these things were to study them in class called “Antiquated historical concepts”.


Nevertheless, his second choice would be competition.  Even though it wasn’t on the list, he felt that would become a bygone concept in the future now that abstract concepts were against the acuity laws.


I know this sounds strange so maybe I better start at the beginning.  It was really pretty simple.  The world had become a free market economy and everything was up for grabs. Instead of having maybe 20% of the people controlling all of the wealth, the whole world was fighting over the remaining, already strained resources that were left.  In otherwords, there just wasn’t enough to go round so that everyone could drive a $50,000 SUV, live in a good neighborhood with excellent schools and receive competent health care.  Thousands, even millions of people, died of starvation and war and it kept getting worse.


Hence, the great collapse.  Some great social architect came up with the idea that whatever is here is here and it will always be here and the problem was really that things weren’t recycled properly with the next generation of people third world or otherwise. So this whole concept of the wealth you create in your lifetime being passed on to the next generation of your spawning had to be squashed.


Think about it.  Everything you own and aquire in a lifetime goes back into the big melting pool as it where.  So that a new generation or group could have access to everything you did in your lifetime. 


The first thing they did is that everything manufactured from a certain point on had to have an expiration date.  Think of this.  You go in, you buy a new car and they say this thing will last for five years.  No matter how well you take care of it or how bad you take care of it you get five years and then it dissolves back into the primordial resource ooze of recycling.  The idea behind this was that everything had a purpose, that everything had a lifespan and that everything had a succinct value.  Add to this some writing laws part of the acuity concept.  Everything has to be written so that it is visual.  Higher concepts are banned and how do they deal with that sense of emptiness that you felt because you believed there was more to life than consumption, well that was what competition was for.  To keep you busy, to keep you in line, to keep you ever vigilant to be grateful for what you have, to keep you saying to yourself, it doesn’t get any better than this.  But there is more to be had in this lifetime and I am no longer responsible for the future of my children because everybody gets a fresh chance and fresh start at whatever is left which is everything because everything is recycled.


That’s not really a higher concept.  That is 2 plus 2 equal 4.  Of course, there is a certain amount of breakage in life and that wasn’t factored in as well.  That in a perfect system it will fail if for any reason humans aren’t perfect.


So we’ve got these laws and there are many others, but you get the general idea and there was this time where the old ideas were dying and the new ideas were taking place.  This is really what our story is about.  One man passing on his legacy to the next generation and in this case the second generation, his grandson.  An old man who loved his stuff.  An old man who used to say things like “if you don’t learn from history, you will forever be forced to repeat it.” 







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