Here Are The Best  Morris Minor Club Sites I know of:         





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    Morris Minor - Enthusiasts


The World Of Teardrops
Experience life in the slow lane.  Little cars need little trailers.

Yellow Woody, or Hugs From Down Under...New Zealand Style!
These wood-bodied station wagons were expensive, hand-built cars favored by dude ranches, country clubs and farm families. They were the "sport utilities" of their day. Wooded classics oozing with rural American charm !

Ursula - A Modernized Morris Minor
Very nice site about Ursula Minor (isn't that a star system?) - the pics are good and the info is easy to read and relevant. Good work.

The Morris Minor Page (formerly Kris's MM Page)
Adverts, History, Links, and pictures. Recently taken over from Kris by John Sims so we may see some more progress on some of the 'Under Construction' pages.

Mes Anglaises
Guy Kavanagh shows us his British Car collection in Quebec, one of which is a Minor he rescued from the local Rent-A-Wreck!

The Morry Page
A fellow Kiwi who loves his Travellers (what taste!)

Minor Madness
Ray Rosa, builder of Minor Threat, has his own Minor page now. Pictures of stock and custom Minors and some 'oddball' cars such as the Ford 100E and BMW Isetta.


The MM Van Projekt
A Dutch/English Restoration site, including photos, progress reports and other Minor links.


Tory's Wasted Space on the Web
A few pics of Minors in the Northern California area mixed in with a few Minis and Porsches.



 ESM Morris Minors “Morris Minor Spares & Restoration since 1982 “

Mini Mania
Located in Northern California.  Morris Minor + Mini parts, new, used, and otherwise.  Lots of racing stuff.  Huge website!

Morris Minor Center 
Important site for Owen Burton, paint, registration numbers, and all leading edge production information.

Morris Minor Centre (Birmingham)
With most of the centre's parts catalogue online, you can browse through and choose just what you want for your Minor, be it original parts or upgrades. The site is uncluttered and easy to use.

JLH Minor Resorations
JLH are the guys doing the full rebuild and K-Series conversion on my Traveller. What more can I say? Their site has an overview of what they do, pictures of some of their restorations cars, and a price list for their modification kits. Check it out!

Classic Car Magazine 'Classic Highlights'
Magazine-style History, Specs, Pros & Cons, Press Reviews, etc.

Classic Motor Monthly
Classic Motor Monthly magazine takes a look at the MMOC in the UK

CS Autoclassics
A small site with adverts for the services of Chris Street and Co. but it does show pictures of what could be the Minor of the next millenium. Worth a look if only for the pics of the Opus 1.

Magnum Force Race Car Fabrication
Photos of one of their racing Minors with 308 Ford V8 power!

Sam the Traveller
Traveller restoration story and photos

The online automotive encyclopedia - everything from how to buy a used car, new cars, alarms, 'Is Your Car a Lemon?', insurance, car clubs, enthusiast links, manufacturer links, etc


Scions of Lucas
Devoted to British Cars on the Web, this site provides technical information, mailing lists, clubs and registers and pictures.

Burlen Fuel Systems
The makers of the famous SU carburetors and fuel pumps. This site advertises their services, new products and parts for your Minor's fuel supply.


Australian and New Zealand Classic Car Magazine

UK Exchange and Mart
Find that Minor you've always dreamed of using the online version of the UK's excellent Exchange & Mart magazine.