You may have noticed that Dolph'n Productions is spelled without an "i". Originally, when my father bought the family boat in 1961, he wanted to think of a name and a logo that would represent our family. There was Rudolph, Randolph, Brandolph, Buddy Ann, and Pandora Ru-ann. Thus, the dolph’s and the 'ns.

I, Randolph, the oldest son, own the same boat, the Dolph'n to this day and in Dec.1983, when I purchased and sold my first manuscript for a feature film, I was asked the name of my production company, thus Dolph'n Productions was born.

Dolph'n is primarily a literary company that acquires scripts and manuscripts for feature films, rewrites them and/or resells to other producers. Through all this, real estate, cars and a couple of other careers, I have always driven Morris Minors and somehow, they have been more successful in the film business than I have.

The Morris's and the Austins have been in Coke commercials, soup commercials, the Tina Turner story, The Beatles video, Austin Powers, the Survival series and a bunch of other smaller stuff I can't remember.

I was fortunate to attend the 50th anniversary of the Morris Minor at Blenheim Palace in June 1998 (hoping that I would find out why I have been fascinated with these cars all the 27 years I have been driving..).Nobody there knew either. They just knew that they loved their Morris Minors.

Dolph'n is still looking for the definitive screenplay for the next Hollywood blockbuster. So, anyone out there who wants to submit their script may do so to Fern Baum, Head of Development, Dolph'n Productions, PO Box 9280, Marina Del Rey, CA 90295